5300 Gabrovo

65 Industrialna Street

e-mail: simat.factory@gmail.com

The present company "SIMAT" Inc. has originated from the founded in1938 enterprise for the production of mirrors and glass furniture elements. 

For its over 60 years of history, the enterprise has been restructured many times, has developed, the products and technologies have been improved and new ones have been adopted. 

Since 1960, the company has consecutively started the production of insulation products for building and industrial purposes- glass fibres, glass wool, glass fabrics and glass veil. 

In 1990, "SIMAT" Inc. purchased, installed and put in operation a modern line for the production of glass veil, and in 1994 - a line for the production of glass fibres. 

The firm is specialized in the production of:

  glass fibres of Type С

  glass veils (23 types) and their derivative products (insulation panels for filters, battery separators, etc.)

  glass fabrics for insulation in building, in vessels, etc.

  crystal mirrors with a silver coating



Glass veil for the base of roofing asphaltic felt

Glass fibres

Glass veil for insulation of pipelines

Fabric of glass fibres

Separators of glass fibre

Separating glass veil